Gateways is an ensemble work that questions how we open and close the creative spaces of our bodies and the relationship to the awareness we accumulate of the environmental space we inhabit in creation. In the fashion of modern medicine women, this work is a bringing together of New Zealand dance artists with Canadian dance artists to explore our collective aesthetic approach to devising practical strategy for preparing the ground for creative expression and subsequently returning the ground and environment to its original state.

In development throughout 2018 for World Premiere at New Works / Dance All Sorts


Choreographer: Olivia C. Davies in collaboration with Jasmin Canuel, Louise Potiki-Bryant, Christine Friday
Outside Eye / Artistic Mentor: Lara Kramer
Production Support: Ballet Divertimento / Centre Choréographique, New Works / Dance All Sorts
Ready to tour in 2019ODC_GatewaysResearch2017-08_Photo

Jasmin and Louise in movement – August 2017 {screenshot from creation session}