Go It Rock It

a dance film and a dance performance

The duet was first created in 2008 with MataDanze Collective member, Wendy Miller (RIP) and footage of our public performances at Toronto’s Eros Cabaret was remixed by me and Toronto-based video editor, Steve Jones, to create the dance film, “Go It Rock It” in 2009. Fast forward to 2015, I was invited to share work in the art & music gallery experience that is Ciliate, produced by Rogue Spade Productions. Wendy Miller passed away that year and as homage to her great spirit, I share our duet in this way.

Ciliate 7 in March 2015 – Go It Rock It by Olivia C. Davies
VIMEO VIDEO Live From Ciliate 7

Ciliate 7
Ciliate 7 -+Ciliate 7 - ++Ciliate 7- +++Ciliiate 7 -++++

All images taken by Anomaleye at Ciliate 7 – March 2015 – Studio East, Vancouver, Canada